Ruby Developer Summit 2017

October 16-21 2017


We've got the best of the best!

Uncle Bob Martin

Clean Coder

Fabio Akita

Co-Founder of Codeminer42, Organizer of RubyConf Brazil

Noel Rappin

Director of Development at Table XI

Kinsey Ann Durham

Software Engineer at GoSpotCheck and Mentor at Bloc.io

Jordan Hudgens

CTO and Founder of DevCamp

Adam Cuppy

Co-Founder at ZEAL

Hal Fulton

Author of The Ruby Way

Devon C. Estes

Software Eng, EducationSuperHighway

Ruberto Paulo

Software Developer at Prodigy Finance

Matias Korhonen

Rails developer at Kisko Labs

Ozgun Erdogan

CTO at Citus Data


We couldn't do it without you!



Times are in Mountain Time (US-Denver)