Mikel Lindsaar

Standard Development

Mikel is well known in the Ruby and Rails community as a blogger and author of the “mail” Ruby E-Mail handling library and for his extensive work on Rails ActionMailer component holding the dubious record for most number of lines deleted from the Ruby on Rails code base. He started reinteractive.com in 2010 to help companies around the world automate their businesses and get their online ideas to market and has grown it more than 30% every year on year since starting with more than 50% growth last year alone. He is the author of the ebook “Why Rails?” and is launching his next book “CONFIDENT SOFTWARE” this year.

Standard Development

BDD and TDD have failed to deliver true value for customers.

It’s not that BDD and TDD are failures in their process, they do what they do very well. But, at the end of the day, there are two fundamental flaws for them to be used in real life budget-driven projects for customers:
(1) the coder has to be given time to learn what to refactor and then do the refactor step, and
(2) someone has to pay for all this.

Further, when the preassure comes on towards the end of any project, BDD and TDD are the first things to go, leaving the project in an untested state.

At reinteractive, Mikel has built a team that works with a Standard Development approach, which includes a level of testing that is adequate to the quality requirements of the project. This development approach balances the needs for highly tested code with the time and resource preassures present in any software project.

In this talk, Mikel will go over reinteractive’s Standard Development process with a focus on the automated testing requirements needed in every project they run